Crystal Reports Level One

A. Basic Reporting

Before You Begin

• Defining the Purpose of the Report

• Determining the Layout of the Report

• Finding the Data

• Organizing the Data for the Report

Creating a Report

• Starting the Crystal Reports Program

• Starting a New Report

• Choosing a Data Source

• The Main Components of the Design Window

• Exploring the Toolbars

• Managing Resources with Explorers

• Placing Fields on the Report

• Selecting and Sizing Objects

• Browsing Field Data

• Moving and Aligning Objects

• Using Guides and Guidelines to Move and Align Objects

• Creating Text Objects

• Saving the Report

• Auto-saving the Report

• Previewing the Report

• Refreshing the Data

• Getting Help

Database Filters

• Filtering Data with the Select Expert

• Selecting Records with Multiple Criteria

• Viewing and Editing the Select Formula

• Case Sensitive vs. Case Insensitive

• Record Selection

Formatting Features

• Quick Formatting with the Template Expert

• Using the Format Painter

• Formatting Objects

• Inserting Lines and Boxes

• Drawing a Line

• Drawing a Box

• Inserting Graphics

• Working with the Page Commands

• Changing Page Orientation

• Changing Margins

• Working with Text Objects

• Adding Fields into a Text Object

• Formatting Part or All of an Object

• Inserting Special Fields

Report Grouping

• When and Why to Group Records

• Creating a Group

• Group and Sort Direction

• Customize Group Name Field

• Modifying Groups

• Creating Multiple Groups in a Report

• Using the Group Tree to Navigate the Report

• Reordering Groups

• Summarizing Groups

• Additional Summary Options

• Grouping Data in Date/Time Intervals

• Calculating Percentages

• Ordering Groups Based on Their Subtotals Using the Group Sort Expert


B Adding Flexibility to Reports

Multiple Table Joins

• Understanding Tables, Records, and Fields

• Learning About Linking

• Adding Multiple Tables to a Report

Creating Formulas

• Understanding Crystal Formula Syntax without Being a Programmer

• About the Formula Workshop

• Using the Formula Workshop

• Using the Formula Editor

• The Formula Editor Toolbar

• Performing Simple Number Calculations

• Manipulating Dates with Formulas

• Creating Boolean (True/False) Formulas

• Creating String Formulas

• Using Bookmarks to Navigate Through Formulas

• Challenge Exercise – Creating String Formulas

• Challenge Exercise – Doing Calculations

• Challenge Exercise – Subtracting Dates

• Challenge Exercise – Using Nested If Statements

Conditional Formatting

• The Highlighting Expert

• Setting Highlighting Priorities

• Formatting Sections

• Formatting Sections Conditionally

• Formatting Fields Conditionally

Summary Reports and Charts

• Creating a Summary Report

• Applying the Drill Down Feature

• Applying the DrillDownGroupLevel

• Producing Charts

• Editing Charts

• Formatting Charts

• Using the General Chart Options

• Modifying Individual Objects in the Chart

• Using Auto-Arrange Chart

• Applying Chart Templates

Exporting Reports

• Understanding Export Formats and Destinations

• Using an HTML Format for Crystal Reports

• Exporting to Windows Applications

• Exporting to a Report Definition Format

Default Options

• Setting the Default Layout for Design and Preview Views

Report Wizards

• What are the Report Wizards?

• Create a Report Using the Standard Report Creation Wizard

• The Data Dialog Box

• The Fields Dialog Box

• The Grouping Dialog Box

• The Summaries Dialog Box

• The Group Sorting Dialog Box

• The Chart Dialog Box

• The Record Selection Dialog Box