Crystal Reports Level Two Outline

A. Power Formatting and Formulas

Refresher Exercise

• Review of Planning a Report

• Creating the Report

• Placing Fields on the Report

• Creating the Formulas

• Advanced Grouping

• Adding and Working with Text Objects

• Hiding and Suppressing Sections

• Guidelines


Power Formatting with Multiple Sections

• Using Multiple Sections in Reports

• Using the Section Expert to Work with Sections

• Conditionally Formatting Multiple Sections

• Advanced Drill Down Group Level


Using the Running Totals Feature

• Understanding Running Totals

• Creating Running Totals for a List of Numbers

• Conditional Running Totals


Prompting with Parameters

• Parameter Field Considerations

• Creating a Parameter Field

• Using a Parameter to Select Records

• Using a Parameter Field

• Creating a Dynamic Value List for Parameter Values

• Importing a Pick List

• Adding Parameter Values to Text Objects

• Allowing Multiple Values in Parameters

• Using Multiple Parameter Fields in Reports

• Specifying and Limiting a Range for a Parameter

• Using Parameters in Conditional Formatting

• Using an Edit Mask to Limit String Parameters

• Sorting with a Parameter

• Using a parameter to set N in a Top N Report

• Cascading Parameters


Using Advanced Formula Features

• Understanding How Crystal Reports Processes the Data

• What Is a Pass?

• Using Evaluation Time Functions

• Working with Variables

• Declaring a Variable

• Assigning a Value to a Variable

• Using a Variable in a Formula

• Variable Scope

• Separating Statements in Complex Formulas

• Working with Arrays


B.        Using Power Tools to Create Advanced Reports


Using Sub reporting as a Workaround Solution

• Understanding Subreports

• Unlinked versus Linked Subreports

• Creating an Unlinked Subreport

• Linking a Subreport

• Database Links versus Subreports in One-to-Many Situations

• Creating On-Demand Subreports

• Creating Hyperlinks

• Using Subreports to Link “Unlinkable” Data


Creating Powerful Groups

• Using the Group Expert

• Using a Field Name to Customize the Group Name

• Using a Formula to Customize the Group Name Field

• Creating Custom Groups

• Grouping on a Formula Field

• Using Group Selection to Filter the Records in the Report

• Grouping Hierarchically

• Create Customized Grouping

• Brain Teaser – Using Group Selection

Working with Cross-Tab Reports

• Understanding How Cross-Tabs Affect Your Data

• Creating a Cross-Tab Report

• Creating a Cross-Tab with Multiple Rows or Columns

• Applying a Formatting Style to the Cross-Tab

• Customizing the Cross-Tab Format

• Changing Background Colors

• Formatting Individual Cells

• Changing the Summary Operation

• Suppressing Rows, Columns or Totals

• Repeating Row Heading for Multi-Page Cross-Tabs

• Using Alias Names for Column and Row Headings

• Charting Cross-Tabs


Report Alerts

• What are Report Alerts

• Creating Report Alerts


Report Templates

• What is a Report template

• Standard Report Creation Wizard and Templates

• The Template Expert

• Applying a Template and the consequences

• Template Considerations

• Creating Your Own Templates

• Inserting Template Fields

• Formatting Template Fields

• Giving Template Fields a Value