About TrainX

TrainX Limited, in business since 1993 in accordance with the laws of Trinidad and Tobago, offers training in personal development and in information technology.


A. Personal Development


The TrainX Personal Development Programs target corporate clients and individuals wanting greater social and emotional intelligence resulting in improvements in personal effectiveness and productivity in work, school and personal and social life.

The TrainX training methodology is underpinned by techniques and practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) which facilitate rapid and sustained attitudinal and behavioral change necessary for personal effectiveness and performance.

Neuroscience: Integrated with the NLP techniques are the latest discoveries in neuroscience providing information on the role of brain programs in human behaviour and performance. Positive change in attitude and performance, the objective of training interventions, happens when there are modifications to existing brain programs and the creation of new ones; and this is achieved with the TrainX Programs.

The major TrainX Personal Development Programs:are:

  • Enhancement of Holistic Personal Effectiveness
  • Building the High Performance Team
  • Stress Management for Key Personnel
  • Training your Brain for Success in Exams and in Life
  • Understanding and Parenting the Teenage Brain
  • Strengthening Personal Effectiveness in the Workplace and with Parenting of Teenagers

A core component of these programs is the strengthening of social and emotional intelligence, a determining factor in peak performance in most occupations and activities.


B:  Information Technology: Crystal Reports and ITIL

With respect to information technology, TrainX has been offering Crystal Reports training for the past 15 years. See more at https://trainx.com/ict/crystal-reports/     TrainX offers ITIL® Training in collaboration with itSM Solutions® LLC  (www.itsmsolutions.com), a leader in ITIL training solutions.  See more at https://trainx.com/itil-v3/. TrainX also offers software development in collaboration with our overseas developers.


TrainX Contact:  1 Belle Vue Estate, PO Box 7083, St Anns, Trinidad and Tobago

                                    Tel: 868-621-3973 

                                     Email: programs@trainx.com

                                     Website: www.trainx.com